• Noxdril-Spray Quick View
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      Noxdril-Spray Quick View
    • Noxdril-Spray
    • 530.00 450.50
    • Noxdril- Solution/Spray regrow hairs, applied to the scalp is used to stimulate hair growth in adult men and women with a certain type of baldness. Indications: Alopecia Alopecia Areata chemotherapy-induced alopecia Traction Alopecia
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  • PANZOTRU-40 TabletsPANZOTRU-40 Tablets Quick View
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      PANZOTRU-40 TabletsPANZOTRU-40 Tablets Quick View
    • PANZOTRU-40 Tablets
    • 85.00 72.25
    • PANZOTRU Tablets Used to Overcome Acidity & Reflux Effectively. The safest PPI Indications: Acid reflux & Heartburn Upper GI Bleeding Gastric ulcer Dyspepcia Night Time reflux    
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  • PHENYTRU-100 Tablets Quick View
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      PHENYTRU-100 Tablets Quick View
    • PHENYTRU-100 Tablets
    • 170.00 145.00
    • PHENYTRU-100 Tablets Controls epilepsies, The best Antiepiletic.   Indiations: Grand mal and psychomotor epilepsy Phenytoin sodium is an anticonvulsant used to control tonic-clonic (grand mal) seizures and psychomotor (partial or focal) seizures.
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  • PRIDE-Q10PRIDE-Q10 Quick View
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    • 350.00 297.50
    • PROGUD-SF Whey Protein Sugar Free formula in Pet Jar General debility Loss of appetite impaired growth Convalescence Muscular degenerative diseases
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  • RABESIT-DSR CapsulesRABESIT-DSR Capsules Quick View
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      RABESIT-DSR CapsulesRABESIT-DSR Capsules Quick View
    • RABESIT-DSR Capsules
    • 100.00 85.00
    • Rabesit-DSR Capsules controls the flow of acid Day & Night, The fastest acting PPI and the trusted pro-kinetic Best Suited for Long Term Management of Reflux Disease
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  • REACT-PLUS TabletsREACT-PLUS Tablets Quick View
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      REACT-PLUS TabletsREACT-PLUS Tablets Quick View
    • REACT-PLUS Tablets
    • 99.00 84.15
    • REACT-PLUS Tablets for muscle-skeletal Pain & inflammation. Indications: ENT cases Dental Pain Arthritis Joint Disorders Post Surgical Pain Infected Wounds
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  • Sensofar-Mouthwash Quick View
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      Sensofar-Mouthwash Quick View
    • Sensofar-Mouthwash
    • 280.00 238.00
    • Sensofar- Mouthwash Make your breathing Comfortable, 12 hour protection against germs & plaque Clinically tested by dentists. Indications: Benzydamine has analgesic, anti-inflammatory and antipyretic properties. It is widely used in treating painful inflammation of the mouth and throat conditions including tonsilitis, sore throat and mucositis  
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  • TRUST-9GTRUST-9G Quick View
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      TRUST-9GTRUST-9G Quick View
    • TRUST-9G
    • 245.00 208.25
    • Alpha Lipoic acid, Vitamin E, Docosahexaenoic acid, Eicosapentaenoic acid, Folic Acid Lycopene, Vitamin B1 & B2 Tablets
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  • Trust-Q10 Soft Gel CapsulesTrust-Q10 Soft Gel Capsules Quick View
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      Trust-Q10 Soft Gel CapsulesTrust-Q10 Soft Gel Capsules Quick View
    • Trust-Q10 Soft Gel Capsules
    • 508.00 431.00
    • Trust-Q10 Soft-gel Capsules a nutritional companion of old age has Extend the advantage of Lycopene with advantage of Coenzyme Q10   Indications: Neurodegenerative changes Cardiovascular diseases Sexual debility Cataract and glaucoma  
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  • Trustgard-InjectionTrustgard-Injection Quick View
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      Trustgard-InjectionTrustgard-Injection Quick View
    • Trustgard-Injection
    • 349.00 296.00
    • Trustgard injection a perfect choice to over deep seated infections Indications: Urinary tract infections Intra abdominal infections Bone & joint infections Skin & soft tissue infections Respiratory tract infections Meningitis
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  • Wudlac -SyrupWudlac -Syrup Quick View
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      Wudlac -SyrupWudlac -Syrup Quick View
    • Wudlac -Syrup
    • 150.00 128.00
    • Wudlac - Syrup Continue  the discontinue flow with Laxative that eases out the ow Indications: Constipation Heartburn Bowel Disorders Indigestion
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